Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are Computers Good or Bad for Society? (Final)

Each day, millions of people use computers for many reasons. Adults use them in work; kids use them to play. The computer is a favorite for many people around the world, including me. However, there's controversy about computers. Are they good or bad for our society? This depends, as computers are good and bad for the society for many reasons.
First, computers can be good for researching anything you want to know. There are many powerful search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. The internet also boasts fast dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias. People often search for movie and book plots, reference items, and random things that they want to know if they're curious. I go on the computer to search up information all the time. Personally, when I don't know something, I immediately look it up on the internet. Therefore, the computer can be extremely valuable to our society.
However, computers can also be bad as you can become addicted to them. Many games such as RPGs (Role Playing Games), like Runescape and Adventure Quest, are created to hypnotize you to play them all the time. Becoming addicted to the computer can be very bad as it will make you want to stay on the computer forever. The game time is fun, but it can also be a waste of precious time you can use to read a book or study for a test and divert your attention away from what you're supposed to be doing. Glaring at the computer may, like a rumor said, damage your eyes. I believe the rumor is true and I think that one shouldn't play too much on the computer.
Therefore, computers are beneficial and harmful to you. Computers can be used to research many things, but it can also drag you into your own spell of playing and never let you out. Overall, computers are still good for society. In order to have a good and unharmful time on the computer, you should research wisely and have a limited playing time. Following these rules, you'll have a great time on computer.

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